Capturing every moment!

We book a very limited amount of weddings per year and that means that all our attention is on you.

Your wedding day is too important to leave to chance so we always use two photographers. We will either attend the rehearsal or recon the venue in advance to identify and address any potential problems that years of experience have made visible to us. We work with your wedding planner and venue coordinator to ensure every planned event is photographed in the best light possible. Every perfect moment will be immortalized in heirloom images.

wedding couple black and white
It's in the details

Capturing your wedding day experience

Every wedding is different and we understand that. Bianca will sit down with you to gather all the important details and listen to your vision of the day and then make a plan to capture it in the most beautiful way. After the meeting, a shot list is created to ensure that we photograph every important person and shot on your big day. We are confident to take charge in big groups and will give direction as needed in order to keep things moving in a timely manner. Posing instruction will also be provided to everyone. We promise everyone will be photographed in the most flattering way.

Leading up to your big day

Engagement Sessions

Engagement sessions are a great way for us to connect prior to the wedding day and the images are lovely to display on tables (or as you wish) ON your big day. Bridal Boudoir, invitations, save-the dates are all options available to you.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for a free consultation to book your beautiful wedding day!



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