A moment is gone forever...

But it doesn't have to be.

Senior Portraits are such an important tradition and that is why Bianca Photog will customize your shoot to express who you are and immortalize it forever.

izaha senior photo
Senior Photos

Time never stops

As life unfolds, time seems to speed up with it and before you know it your Senior Year will be a distant memory. The power of great photography is in capturing the essence of a person and preserving it to be shared and appreciated by future generations as well as current.

Parents…I know this can be a bittersweet time. You feel pride for the child you have helped guide towards adulthood but a little sad that everything is going to change. Bianca Photog will make sure you have a memento of this moment in the form of beautiful, unique, and heirloom portraits before it is gone.

Capturing a timeless portrait is a skill, but it is also an art. How do you capture the essence of a person? How do you capture a person the way they see themselves? All the mechanics and technical aspects are important, but it’s also important to know your subject and listen to them and then having the vision to make it all come to life.

senior indoor photo
First contact

What you can expect

Hello! Let’s grab a cup of coffee! I’d love to meet you in person and get to know what you’re interested in, your personality, and details about you. It’s so much fun to meet in person and start the planning process for your photoshoot. DON’T WORRY, there is no obligation. This meeting is a chance for us to see if we are a good fit with making your dream shoot come to life. I’ll also bring product examples to show you (and your parent, if you’re a senior) so you can see the beautiful ways we can immortalize this moment. I can also answer any monetary questions during this complimentary consultation.


Feel confident and look your best!

Our professional process and FAQ's

Whatever Will I Wear?

For an hour session (FYI additional hours can be purchased) we can usually shoot three outfits. I’d recommend a variety (something casual, something formal, summer dresses, etc.). The most important thing is that you are completely COMFORTABLE in what you are wearing. Any discomfort will totally show in your portraits, and we want to avoid that.

Need someone to go through your closet or go shopping with you? No problem. We’ll schedule a time to do this at no additional cost. I know most people have no problem with picking things out but if you do, don’t stress about it. I’ll be there to help you along the way.

Where Will My Session Be?

Where do you want it to be? Through years of experience, I’ve found beauty and art can be found everywhere. Big beautiful vistas are nice for landscape photography, but there are stunning little oasis’s’ everywhere, and we’ve found lots of them in Youngstown and the surrounding areas. We’ve shot people at their homes, in the city, and out in the wilderness…what matters is what YOU have envisioned for your portraits. We will scout the area in advance and find the right location for you.

Who Can Come With Me?

Feel free to bring your parent, significant other… and even your pet! Whoever makes you feel comfortable and happy ? And I mean that… ONLY bring people who make you feel comfortable and happy. We want to avoid tension, as this comes through in portraits. We’ll have a portable radio with us, and we can play your favorite music – anything to make you feel relaxed.

What if I Can’t Pose?

No worries. I’ll be directing you throughout the shoot. Don’t even think about it; I promise to make you look hot and fabulous!

Where Will I Change Outfits?

Wherever we are will work. We have a pop-up changing room for your comfort and privacy for the reason that it saves time and ensures we can get you in all your outfits during the session.

Do I Need to Have My Hair and Makeup Done?

Yes but we’ve taken care of that for you, too because our superstar hair and makeup artist will make sure you look your best before the shoot. Want multiple looks and touch ups? We have options for that as well for the ultimate fashion model experience.


Are you curious about what to expect when you book Bianca Photog? Check out our Behind the Scenes videos below!

Let us handle the details

I hope by now you see that we want you relaxed and comfortable during the photoshoot. Have questions or concerns leading up to your big day? No problem, just give me a call or send a text and we’ll work it out. Do you want the best images of you ever, have a fun and relaxed experience, and work with people who listen and care?


Give me a call at (330)-314-3005 or send an email to info@biancaphotog.com and lets set up a time to sit and talk. You won’t regret it.